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Meet gay men in Accra

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It started small with money for the internet cafe and as the intesity of the relatioship developed so did the needs, such as a cell phone so we could be in contact all the time, then a lap top so we had better communication with email at anytime of day or night. What made me open my eyes was the last time he had a need, being a sick mother in the hospital and how he manipulated me and had me believing that if she died without medication it was my fault!

I have since been able to completely cut him off but the emotional tie that was formed with a lier is more embarassing and painful than the money I lost. I have a suspicion that there were maybe two or three of them working together and that maybe he was never actually in Freetown but Accra the whole time. I am wondering now if anyone else had incidents with this guy who went by the name of Labesta on Manjam, Sexyjay on adam4adam and Lamjay on yahoo and msn.

Gay sex scams – and community responses – in Ghana

In hindsight I was foolish but hope that this might help someonelse who is being scammed by this guy. Hey Ungaro. So I was not the only idiot in the world!! I share your embarrassment but we have to learn from our mistakes. Hope you can move on from this and find true love, perhaps closer to your home. Or, like me, perhaps you should get out more.

Meet a man in Accra

Some of the issues raised here are very true and make sense. Especially the analysis of William is largely correct. But still, not everybody is looking for the same kind of relationship; where sexuality is concerned there are so many different desires some eluding obvious logic.

Fortunately people with special desires sometimes do get lucky, even in Ghana.

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I know for example of slave-master relationships of wealthy managers with illiterate young men, which seem to be very long lasting and loving. It is not my fantasy but I recognize that it can be good and fully satisfying for some. What I do regret about this site is that obviously unavoidable people get to accuse boys without proof. I know e.

His boyfriend is telling him lies and he then puts a lot of stories on the internet. That is why I banned him from Gayghana. These guys definitly do not deserve to top of your list; they are relatively harmless compared to some other scammers and do not pose a threat to anyone.

Hi Andy, Thanks for that informative comment. Is true that things are not always as simple as they seem. This site puts the latest entries at the top — it is not supposed to be in order of harm. But you are right to say that care needs to be taken before putting people on this site. Also I started my business. I am living a very comfortable life here. Much better than China. They are real, and handsome. But also there are some bad apple here, who are very strongly looking for money with any ways they can.

My suggestion is u can see their face first, if they are money boys or lyiers, u can see out the cheating from their face, and most of them are not good looking and straight. So, guys, whoever what to come here, just call me. I will cover you. Email me: Only take recommendations from people you have know for a long time and whose judgement has been proven to be correct. Just been scammed by a very believable guy in ghana. Told me he was despaerate to complete his education. Name was Abdullah Abass false.

Meet gays in Accra

We cahtted for hours everyday on Messenger and the chat was fluid and convincing and described his daily routine everyday. He only wanted Western Union used for sending money. My advice to anyone hooked on a guy from overseas, especially the high scan countries, is to employ one of the investigation agencies to research the guy. If you can afford to send money, you can afford their services. And never believe any document or photo.

These guys are pretty good at digitally altering anything. Lastly, if the guy is for real, gay and in love with you, I doubt that he will want your money, although…. Sorry to hear that Charlie. If you have his profile ID please email us or post it on this site so others will know who to avoid! Do you have a recommendation for the Investigation agencies?

Maybe we can link to them on the site. What do they charge for their services?